Citizens of Mars

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Public Mint: 01 Oct

Welcome to MarsIDs

Get your exclusive future ID card on planet MARS to join our community
MARS is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, being larger than only Mercury.

MARS carries the name of the Roman god of war.
Distance from Sun: 227.9 million km
Gravity: 3.721 m/s²
Surface area: 144.8 million km²
Orbital period: 687 days

MARS IDs is a community building-up for the future citizens of planet MARS.
MARS IDs is releasing new projects with privileges such as minting personal MARS IDs, future minting space flight tickets to MARS for holders of MARS- IDS NFTs, future coin release.


•••••Phase 1•••••
1- Announcement of MARS IDs NFT project

2- community build-up and excessive marketing through social media influencers

3- 5% of sales will go to humanitarian aid on planet earth
•••••Phase 2•••••

1- Be involved and helpful in the community.

2- Follow us on social media platforms.

3- Tweeting about MARS IDS and sharing it on #✅twitter-post

4- Reacting to our social media posts (Like, comments, RT)

5- We'll give away whitelist spots to other projects that we collaborate or partner with.
•••••Phase 3•••••


1- wl mint launch

2- reinvestment in the project from sales on the opensea

3- opening of YouTube channel

•••••Phase 4•••••

1- After the pre-sale sold out we launch the Public mint

2- After the Public minted out we prepare giveaways for the Citizens Of Mars
•••••Phase 5•••••
1- Releasing new projects with privileges such as minting SPACE FLIGHT tickets to MARS for holders of MARS IDs NFTs

2- Implementing to Metaverse world (Decentraland, Sandbox, etc )

3- listing new cryptocurrency coin for citizens of mars.

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Future Mars citizen: #00


Future Mars citizen: #01

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Future Mars citizen: #02


Joining our project you will mint your MARS ID CARD with unique ID number and become Citizen of MARS community.

Buying ID CARD you will be allowed to enter planet MARS and identify as Citizen of the new planet. You will be part of future MARS IDs project collaborations.

Total supply is 10000 NFTs.

You will be able to mint directly on our website upon initial release. Once all are sold out you will be able to purchase them on opensea marketplace.

No but you get to mint early to avoid a gas war.

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